Frequently Asked Questions

My charm arrived broken, what can be done about this?
  • Unfortunately, I cannot control the way the postal services handle the packages after I've dropped them off. However, I know this is a frustrating experience and in some circumstances (if inventory allows it) I can try to ship out a charm replacement at no cost, or just the cost of shipping. This is also a case-by-case basis, so if you shoot me a friendly message explaining what happened and attach photos of the charm still in the baggy I should easily be able to work things out with you. :)

My order hasn't arrived yet but was marked as delivered, what's going on?

  • In my experience sometimes postal workers will mark the packages "as delivered" despite not delivering them. (Not sure why) But usually a day or two later the package will indeed arrive. However, if the package is marked as delivered and hasn't arrived for a week after that delivered notice, feel free to contact me so I can get that sorted out hopefully!

My order hasn't moved in a couple days and appears to be stuck, what can be done about this? 

  • Sometimes (especially for overseas orders) packages will get held up in customs for unknown purposes and will sometimes be delayed. For the most part this is normal, but if it appears that the package has been held up for an excessive amount of time it might because the package has been lost. In this case, contact me for a replacement to be shipped out. I will only send one replacement package for free after I confirm its been lost via tracking number, so please be sure you're using the correct shipping address in this case! 
Do you accept commissions for my personal characters I've created?
  • In short, No, but this is also a case-by-case basis. The reason for this answer is personal commissions of original characters take too much time and resources for something so small, so if I -do- accept them they'll be a bit expensive. If you're wanting something on a larger scale (Like say, an order of 25-100 charms of your character) this is more understandable because it's more of an investment on both our ends financially. Again, shoot me an email and I'm sure we can work things out and I can give you an answer.
Do you accept suggestions or requests from characters from certain series, games, and anime?
  • Sure! I accept requests and suggestions from certain series (although this doesn't mean I'm going to 100% do them). Feel free to email me at on that or on my instagram page with you suggestions. (@kayozia)
Do you have any pets?
  • I have one cat, but she isn't allowed in my office where I make/set/package up orders. I'm mentioning this because if you have some life-threatening cat allergy (to where even the particles of skin make you act up) do NOT order from my store.
Do you accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations?
  • I don't accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations, however, if it's an understandable reason feel free to shoot me a message and we can try to work things out!
Will the "Sticker" scratch off and is it a sticker that's on the back of these charms?
  • All of my charms are professionally printed onto acrylic material, and the image you see has been digitally laser-printed onto the surface of the acrylic. A clear adhesive/sealant then covers the side that has been printed on. It's a pretty durable protective gloss layer and I've had a charm on my keys for about seven months and nothing has even come close to getting scratched off. I've gotten more than three different people asking about the "sticker" on my charms, so I decided to clear somethings up!
Are these keychains? Can I use these charms for my keys or attach to my backpack?
  • Due to the size of my charms, my charms are for DECORATION PURPOSES ONLY. I create them with the intention of creating art, and I do not recommend putting them on your keys due to the sheer size (the Acrylic surface is 3 inches) and the fact that they have a lot of surface area that increases the chances of damage to the charm. I am in no means saying they're not durable, but take caution when putting them in situations that can cause the acrylic material to chip or break. Most people tend to start an acrylic charm collection and display them on a cork board with tacks holding the keyring up.

Are the charms durable?

  • The durability of these charms are pretty high, and for testing purposes I made a Youtube video of me taking my keys and intentionally scratching the charm on the side that has the artwork. You can view the video here:
  • I managed to scratch the charm pretty forcefully, however the artwork did not chip off in any way, so I personally would say they're pretty durable.

The charm I'm looking for seems to be sold out, will it be coming back to inventory soon?

  • In most cases yes, unless the charm was listed as "limited edition" or "exclusive". In those cases, if the charm is sold out it's sold out forever! If the charm has just recently sold out, it is possible that I just didn't add all my physical inventory to the site so don't hesitate to ask if I still have some available! In cases that the charm is truly sold out, it should take about a month for the charm to be re-ordered, shipped to me, quality inspected and packaged up and ready to be sold again!